For nearly 70 years now, scholars from all over the world have been studying the scrolls Muhammed ed-Dib found in 1947. Here are some fascinating articles about this.

The history of the study of these hugely important scrolls

New scrolls have been found in nearby caves.

Remarkable facts about the scrolls

The researchers and scholars who have opened up the content of the scrolls to us.

There is also music!

We highly recommend this book

The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English
Translated by Geza Vermes. The 11th edition, published 2011 by Penguin.

This acclaimed translation of the Biblical scrolls and other non-Biblical material also found in the caves, from the original Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek, is by the world’s leading scrolls authority. The material has transformed our understanding of the Hebrew Bible, early Judaism and the origins of Christianity.

At page 521 of the paperback edition the text refers to the Book of Psalms and to Psalm 37 verses 23, 24 which is the favourite verse of so many devout believers; , “The steps of a man are confirmed by the Lord and He delights in His ways; though he stumble, he shall not fall, for the Lord will support him with His hand.”